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If you have specific targets, are looking to grow your patient numbers or need to sell more of your product or services but don’t have the time, leave it to us.

We will design a strategy to best achieve your quantified goals, present this customised plan to you, agree on related marketing activities and implement agreed activities each month, as per agreed retainer (multiple retainer levels available to suit your needs).

Marketing is a collaborative process so we will require some input from you in the initial months to ensure we understand your brand inside and out as well as obtain the desired results


You’ve no doubt heard the hype about video marketing and its many benefits.

Knowing what to include in your video can be tricky so the team at Ferus Medical will work closely with you to develop the concept, key messages, and scripts to help you produce a high-quality video that will resonate with the desired target audiences.

We know first-hand video is a great way to achieve business objectives and see ROI by including video as part of your marketing efforts and we have the case studies to prove it. For more case studies or if you have questions, please contact us to discuss further.

Marketing Campaigns

Depending on your objectives, educational marketing campaigns are a powerful marketing activity to help you reach your target audience, provide education and increase your brand awareness, leading to the desired outcome of booking a consultation or positioning your brand as a trusted source for information.

With the right campaign strategy and campaign assets (content, imagery) and an experienced agency to support you, you will be amazed at the results.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective digital marketing tactic. It is a model by which a fee is charged each time your ad is clicked, essentially buying traffic to your site. Traditonally, the most widely used form of Pay Per Click advertising was through search engines like Google Adwords, however, has now also become a popular marketing tool on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

A great feature of pay per click advertising on Google Adwords is the ability to appear instantly on the first page for a specific keyword search, driving relevant and pre-qualified traffic right to your website and helping you obtain your goals.


We love social media. In fact, social media marketing for healthcare professionals and businesses within the health industry is one of our key areas of expertise.

Here at Ferus Medical, we go one step further to actually educate you about how each social media channel works and what frequency, content types and activities are required to make you achieve ROI on your social media activities.

As social media changes so rapidly, we keep you abreast of the latest trends so you understand why we are recommending certain social media strategies.


Content is the cornerstone of online and social media marketing success.

As a physician, surgeon, practice manager or staff member, the goal of your content is to educate your patients and to provide the answers to the questions your patients are Googling or searching for in the online space.

By providing the content that your patients are seeking, it will help to establish trust and credibility toward you and your brand, establishing a positive relationship along the patient journey to the point of them contacting you as and when they require your health services.


With more and more people turning to the internet to research pain points before picking up the phone to their doctor, it is vitally important you have a website available to your patients/clients.

If you want your website to attract new patients/clients and position your favorably in the market, then your website needs to answer all these common questions and to be an accurate reflection of your bricks and mortar practice/business. If it’s not, perhaps it’s time for a new website!


Although we know you have a great product or service to offer, the reality is that there plenty of competition for clients to pick and choose between.

All it takes is a quick google search, and the endless options are at their finger tips. Maximise your branding to ensure you stand out!

Branding extends to your visual identity – the first thing perspective patients will notice about your website or digital marketing, or print materials, so it’s important your key messages are delivered through your branding.